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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect with the new Bill Pay feature?
The new Bill Pay is simpler, easier to navigate, and offers you more control over the money in your account. You can search for vendors rather than hunting for mailing addresses, set up reminders to avoid late payments, choose which checking account to pay bills from and more. To learn more about how the new Bill Pay works, watch this demo.

Will Online Banking still be available during the conversion?
Yes! You will have full access to all of your Online Banking services. The only feature affected during the conversion is your bill pay.

Will I be able to use Bill Pay during the conversion?
No. Bill Pay will be unavailable for use between 3 p.m. on Friday, June 24 and 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 28. Please plan your payments ahead or be aware that some payments may be processed on a delay.

Will payments currently scheduled during Bill Pay’s downtime be delayed?
Yes. Payments scheduled for June 27-30 will be delayed due to the conversion and could result in late payments. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please plan ahead to accommodate.

How do I access my Bill Pay history after the conversion?
Your Bill Pay history will not be saved during the switch to the new Bill Pay. We recommend downloading and saving a copy of this for your records prior to June 24 when the conversion begins.

How do I save a copy of my Bill Pay history?
Downloading and saving your Bill Pay history is easy. In the Bill Pay feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select Payment then Payment History
  2. Select All
  3. Select Process Date Range
  4. Select View in Excel
  5. Press Search
  6. Save File

Will my payee information be saved during the conversion?
Yes. You will not need to reenter your payee information after the change, but please verify the correct information once conversion is complete. Payee information will be saved as you entered it initially, which may not match the address where your checks are actually mailed. Also, please be aware that accounts without a valid mailing address will not be converted – we recommend that you update all information prior to conversion.

Should I remove inactive payees from my account?
Yes. It would be best to remove any accounts you do not want to transfer to the new system prior to conversion, although removing accounts will still be convenient after the new Bill Pay is in place.

Will I be able to conduct account-to-account transfers in the new feature?
You will not be able to conduct account-to-account transfers within the new Bill Pay. We are providing a new service, ZashPay, that will offer you greater convenience at a minimal cost to service these needs. Visit the ZashPay website to learn more about this upcoming service. You will still be able to transfer funds between your own Planters bank accounts – that function is offered in your Online Banking and not done through Bill Pay.

Where can I find more information about the new Bill Pay?

There are several ways to learn more, including:

  • Click this link or the icon below: Bill Pay demo
  • Visit the Bill Pay FAQ
  • Email customer support at (Electronic mail is not secure and confidential. Please do not submit personal information via email.)
  • Call us at 270.886.9030 or 888.806.7036
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