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Home Buying Process

Buying and financing a home is easier than you imagine when you trust Planters Bank to lead you every step of the way. Here’s a handy checklist to let you know exactly what to expect during your home buying experience.

Meet With A Mortgage Loan Officer

When it's convenient for you, set an appointment with a Planters Bank Mortgage Loan Officer. You'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered before beginning the application process. In order to save time and make your application easier, bring the following information:

Call or email Angie Smith at 931-648-7176 or Amy Orton at 931-648-7173, or toll-free 888-806-7036. (Electronic mail is not secure and confidential. Please do not submit personal information via email.)

Three Ways to Pre-Qualify and Go House-Hunting - Complete the Full Loan Application and Apply for a Loan

Your Planters Bank Mortgage Loan Officer will quickly evaluate your financial information and give you an estimate of what you can afford. By using this pre-qualification estimate, you can shop for homes that fit your budget and price range, meaning you’ll save time and effort … and be able to find that dream home more quickly.

Your Planters Bank Mortgage Loan Officer will help you apply for the right type of loan and will explain your options, such as a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage. We’ll also help you explore special home loan financing such as VA and FHA.

You will also need to turn in the completed loan application requesting additional financial, employment and personal information. With a completed loan application, your Planters Bank Mortgage Loan Officer can usually provide your loan approval status within 24 hours.

Apply Online: Mortgage Pre-Approval Application

Apply On-the-go: Mortgage App Download 

Download Applications to Print:

Download  Mortgage Pre-Approval 

Download Mortgage Loan Application 

Understand All “Extra” Costs - Including Property Taxes, Insurance and Utilities

You’ll want to consider expenses related to owning a home such as property taxes, insurance and utilities. Your real estate agent, local tax assessor’s office and insurance agent should be able to provide these estimates. It is a good idea to review this information with your Planters Bank Mortgage Loan Officer before signing an agreement to purchase the home.

Planters Bank is committed to making sure you fully understand your estimated closing costs prior to your loan closing. Closing costs vary depending on financing, but they generally include items such as a down payment, appraisal fees, prorated property taxes and insurance, attorney’s fees and lender’s fees/expenses.

The Loan Closing

This is it - the day you take legal ownership of your new home! It’s called the Closing and it’s the date on which the title for the property passes from the seller to the buyer. During the Closing, all details are finalized, checks are exchanged, paperwork is completed, fees are paid and you will receive the deed ... and the keys ... to your property.