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This personal checking account is loaded with perks, such as instant discounts on everyday purchases from local and national retailers … and a wide array of travel-related savings. PlantersPerks also provides you peace of mind with valuable Identity Protection, Fraud Resolution, Cell Phone Replacement and other personal benefits (that could cost a significant amount if you purchased these personal protection coverages separately). With your Planters Perks Checking Account, you have access to all of these benefits – and so much more – simply by being an account holder. PlantersPerks is so awesome it even comes with its own Mobile App!



Minimum Opening Balance


Monthly Fee … with the following two ways to reduce or eliminate the fee:


• $2 off per month with eStatement delivery
• $5 off per month when you make at least 25 Check Card transactions 1


Cost of Checks (with Unlimited Check Writing)


Monthly eStatement … reduces Monthly Account Fee by $2

Benefits (powered by BaZing):

  • Thousands of Discounts – Choose from local and national retailers, restaurants and travel-related providers (hotels, car rental, recreation, theme parks and more). You can browse for discounts using your Personal Computer or Mobile Device. If you opt for the Planters Perks Mobile App, you will receive a notification on your Mobile Device when in the vicinity of a discount deal! Note: Vicinity capability is based on your device's location settings and can be turned ON or OFF.
  • Cell Phone Replacement Protection – If your phone is broken or stolen, you’ll be reimbursed for what you pay to have it repaired or replaced, up to $400 per claim (maximum of two claims per year). 2
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance – Get back on the road ASAP via a toll-free call for help (855-822-9464). You are covered for up to $80 in service charges per event. Maximum two events per year.
  • ID Theft Aid (powered by BaZing) – Your payment cards and/or identity are less likely to be compromised thanks to the following benefits of your PlantersPerks Checking Account:
    • Personal Identity Protection, Identity Recovery and Restoration 2 – Eases your burden if your identity is compromised or stolen:
      • Up to $2,500 reimbursement of various identity recovery costs
      • Access to a fraud specialist to guide you through the process of restoring your personal identity
      • Identity theft prevention tips and resources
      • Identity theft victim guide and worksheet
      • Consumer education and assistance with common identity-related issues, such as lost documents, identity theft of a child, travel-related issues and more
      • Help with full Identity Theft document preparation
    • Payment Card Fraud Resolution – Protection service include:
      • Assistance with cancelling your old cards
      • Requesting reissuance of new cards
      • No requirement to register any of your payment cards in advance
  • Travel Accidental Death Insurance 2
    • Covers loss of life due to an accident while traveling by licensed common carrier (airplane, bus, taxi, train) or as a private passenger in an automobile 3
    • $10,000 death benefit per eligible account holder 4
  • Health Discounts – Pharmacy, Eye Care, Hearing Care and more
  • 2,500 uChoose Rewards Points – When you open a new Planters Bank Checking Account. 5
  • More PlantersPerks – You can get full details of all benefits by signing into the Planters Perks portal (powered by BaZing) using either a Personal Computer or our exclusive PlantersPerks Mobile App. See “How to Get Started” below.

Learn More – Follow this link and click or tap “First Time? Get Started.”
Request login details from any Planters Bank representative.

Checking Account Extras  

Re-Order Checks

How to Get Started

“Test Drive” Some of the Perks (Optional) – Even BEFORE you open your PlantersPerks Checking Account, you have the option to experience some of the actual Perks (including local and national retail purchase discounts). You will have no obligation or cost. Just sign-in and look around inside the PlantersPerks online portal (powered by BaZing). Take all the time you want … and use up to three Discount Coupons of your choosing!

  1. To take your “Planters Perks Test Drive,” ask any Planters Bank Customer Service Representative to setup a TEMPORARY LOGIN for you (you may request in-person or by phone).
  2. Soon after this setup, you will receive a PASSWORD (via email or text message) to use at your leisure in exploring all the benefits Planters Perks has to offer.
  3. You can then access the PlantersPerks Login Page, and simply click or tap the “GET STARTED” button in the upper right hand corner.
  4. You will be prompted to input your Email Address AND Temporary Password … and then you're INSIDE THE PORTAL to browse however long you choose, including having temporary access to use up to three BaZing local and national retail discounts.

Open Your PlantersPerks Checking Account – Opening your new PlantersPerks Checking Account is similar to opening any other Planters Bank Checking Account. Just follow these steps:

  1. Contact a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at any Planters Bank Office.
  2. Your CSR will provide you with a Benefits Reference Guide (if you are visiting in person) … or send you a link to the Benefits Reference Guide via email or text message.
  3. As part of your account opening process, your CSR will help you setup access to the Planters Perks online portal (powered by BaZing).
  4. Once logged into the PlantersPerks portal, you may change to another Password of your choosing at any time.
  5. For “on the go” access, PlantersPerks is so awesome, it comes with its own App! You may download the PlantersPerks App to your mobile device by clicking or tapping on the App Store or Google Play button below.
  6. You will now have 24/7 access to all the valuable Planters Perks benefits (as listed above) from your Mobile Device(s) or PC (Personal Computer).

With this value-packed Checking Account, you will be able to save money on everyday purchases … and have fingertip access to all PlantersPerks benefits as listed above!

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Only point-of-sale transactions of $5 or greater qualify toward the 25 per month minimum to waive account fee.
Cell Phone Protection, Personal Identity Protection and Travel Accident Insurance are subject to additional terms and conditions. To be eligible for Cell Phone Protection coverage, you must pay your cell phone bill from your Planters Perks Checking Account. A Cell Phone Protection claim is subject to a $50 co-pay.
If the accident is covered by your workers’ compensation, it is not covered by this Travel Accidental Death Insurance. Refer to the “Travel Accidental Death Insurance Guide to Benefits” for complete coverage description and exclusions.
Accounts and services must be active for 60 days to receive uChoose Rewards bonus points. Additional points available when you sign-up for eStatements or Online Bill Pay and on your Planters Perks Checking Account signup anniversary date.