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Visa® Check Card with uChoose Rewards

Avoid the hassle of writing checks and pay for your purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted. Our Check Cards are extra secure. Each card features an embedded chip that provides security every time you make a purchase.

Check Card

Visa® Check Card Enrollment – Fast & Easy

Getting a new Visa® Check Card is extremely easy and fast at Planters Bank … plus you can choose from either personal photo or non-photo styles. Simply visit ANY Planters Bank office, and your card will be produced for you on-the-spot! No waiting for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to arrive in the mail … and no TOLL-FREE phone number required to activate.

Photo Security

At Planters Bank, you have the option of adding photo security on your Check Card. Your photo is instantly printed right on the card to further ensure the safe use of your Check Card!

Check Card Security Photo

Instant Issue

  1. Planters Bank Visa® Check Cards are issued immediately upon opening any Personal Checking Account … at any Planters Bank office! You can also get an instant replacement if your Debit Card is lost or stolen. Enjoy using your new instant issue card immediately! 1 

Check Card Extras

INSTRUCTIONS: Fraudulent Use, Lost or Stolen Card

Travel Support

Planning on traveling internationally? We are happy to help you prepare your Visa® Check Card for the trip with these helpful tips:

ATM Services

1 Our goal is to hand you a card immediately upon opening your checking account, but some circumstances may prevent that from happening. Your customer service rep will be able to advise on the details.

2 uChoose RewardsPoints will not be added to your account until after you register at AND not until the next billing cycle, and may appear up to 30 days after a qualified customer registers and uses Check Card.

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