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Planters Bank Instant Issue Visa® Check Cards

With Photo Security

Avoid the hassle of writing checks and pay for your purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted.  For added security, we include your photo on your Visa® Check Card.  Plus, unlike any other banks, at Planters there is no waiting on your card and PIN to arrive.  You choose your PIN and your card is issued immediately.  You can begin using your Check Card after opening your account...or get an instant replacement if your card is lost or stolen.









 Check Card Video

Chip Security is Here 

Your Planters Bank Visa® Check Card now features an embedded chip that improves security every time you make a purchase at a chip-enabled card terminal.  Enjoy worldwide acceptance and use to access funds at ATMs. 




How to Use Your Planters Bank Visa® Check Card at a Chip-Enabled Terminal

Check Card Instructions
Some merchants do not yet have chip-enabled terminals, or have the equipment but have not yet activated chip reading.  For these transactions, you can complete the purchase simply by swiping your card. 

Enhance Your Card for FREE with These Great Things




Secure Your Card


What To Do If Your Card is Lost or Stolen


1. Call us immediately to turn off your card.
2. Stop by your nearest Planters Bank location to get a replacement card you can begin using immediately. 


Report Fraudulent Activity Immediately


Call us at 888.806.7036 (during business hours) or 800.554.8969 (after hours).


Secure Your Card & Personal Identification Number (PIN)


Store your card in a secure place and treat as you would cash or other cards.  Do not write down or reveal your PIN.  Do not provide your PIN to someone claiming to be from Planters Bank (we will never ask for it).