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Asset Management

We Take Your Financial Future Personally

Placing your financial future in someone else's hands requires trust. Planters Bank Trust Services has a solid reputation built on local experience, integrity and most importantly, security.

Planters Bank Trust Services is dedicated to make planning for your financial future more convenient and secure. We know that people who work hard to build wealth want the peace of mind knowing their investments are working hard for them … and will continue to do so in the future.

Asset Management

While you are accumulating wealth or preserving what has already been accumulated, a personalized investment plan is critical to your financial success. Planters Bank Trust Services can assist with the development, implementation and management of your personal investment plan. Along with our local knowledge, Planters Bank Trust Services also offers our clients the benefits of our partnership with Argus Research, an independent New York investment and research firm that provides equity research and investment services to institutional investors. The benefit of this relationship is the availability of quality, mainstream investment research, and analysis offered through the locally owned and operated Planters Bank Trust Services.