Planters Bank


Community Commitment

Christian County CaresIn both Clarksville and Hopkinsville, Planters Bank is a major investor in the communities’ economic development and marketing programs. Both programs are privately funded, relying on the investments of businesses and individuals.

Hopkinsville’s Christian County Cares: 2015 is a five-year community vision plan (the second such program) focusing on five key areas to sustain, diversify and grow the Christian County economy. The $1.1 million plan is implemented by the Chamber of Commerce with the involvement of hundreds of volunteer stakeholder individuals and organizations.

Key Goal Areas:

Planters Bank CEO Elizabeth McCoy serves on the overall program steering committee. Many Planters Bank employees serve on one or more workingAspire Clarksville committees.

Aspire Clarksville is a five-year community marketing and economic development foundation. Started in 1996, the 2009-2014 program is the community’s fourth such effort. The $3.5 million plan is administered by the Economic Development Council and its 2011 objectives include:

Suzanne Langford serves on the Aspire Clarksville steering committee.

Planters Bank continues to be a fervent supporter of both these community initiatives. Supporting long-term local economic development helps “raise the bar” for the community as a whole. As new businesses and targeted industries are recruited and an environment is created in which small businesses can thrive, the results are higher wages, a larger and more diverse population, enhanced cultural and entertainment opportunities, and more…which all lead to the creation of more and higher level businesses. Also part of this cycle is growing tax dollars in the public coffers, which lead to better government funding of roads, parks, education, public safety, and all the many responsibilities of our public sector that benefit all citizens. 

Undoubtedly, Planters Bank is a beneficiary of improved economic activity and targeted growth. In and of itself, growth may or may not happen without these focused initiatives, but growth that is positive and productive certainly doesn’t happen by accident. As a top-level investor and steering committee member, Planters Bank has the privilege and opportunity to help direct the future courses of our communities.

“We continue to admire and appreciate Planters Bank’s spirit of corporate giving,” says a Hopkinsville Chamber spokesperson. “We recognize the tremendous contribution of talent and treasure that Planters Bank leadership and employees make to our community and region. With outstanding leadership and incredible staff, it’s easy to see why Planters is a special partner to our community.”