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Community Commitment

Whether it be our Kentucky or Tennessee communities, Planters Bank and its employees are major investors in the towns we live and work in.  Whether it's our time spent giving back to the organizations that can make a difference in the future of our communities, or if it's an opportunity to donate to support a community initiative, Planters Bank is committed throughout Western Kentucky in our Hopkinsville, Princeton, Dawson Springs, Sebree, Providence and Sturgis offices, as well as our Clarksville Commerce, Rossview, Sango or Hilldale branches.   

One of our favorite times of year is during our Season of Giving.  Planters Bank's Season of Giving begins in October and ends in December.  During the Season of Giving, we have a little extra fun with our donations - each of our branch locations choose a local non-profit that they would like to raise funds for to support the valuable work that organization does, and then we get the community involved! 

The non-profits chosen for the Season of Giving will be featured on the Planters Bank social media, both on Facebook and Twitter.  During their featured week, and continuing on throughout the Season of Giving, that featured non-profit is eligible to receive up to a $750 donation from likes, shares or retweets of the posts featured on the Planters Bank page!  For each featured post "like", the non-profit earns $1.  For each featured post "share", the non-profit earns $2.  And because we had such enthusiasm during our last Season of Giving, during our 2018 Season of Giving, we're watching from October through December to see which non-profit gets the most activity on our page (even after they've met the maximum donation!) - one lucky organization will receive the Season of Giving bonus of $250 for the most likes, shares, and retweets on the Planters Bank social media channels throughout the entire time period.  

Each branch will be selling Tennessee-made Delectable Sweets jams and Kentucky-made Broadbent's ham throughout the months of October, November and December.  Each time a purchase of one of these items is made in the branch, that branch's featured non-profit will receive 100% of the proceeds of that purchase.  Additionally, when a checking or savings account is opened during the Season of Giving and the chosen non-profit is mentioned, Planters Bank will donate an additional $25 to that branch's Season of Giving non-profit organization.  Your customer service representative will go over the minimums and length of time the account must be open in order to qualify, so make sure you stop in and help your favorite organization earn additional donations!  


Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to watch for your non-profit's featured week, and make sure to stop in your local Planters Bank branch to support the wonderful non-profit organizations helping our communities so much.  For a complete list of charities and branches to visit to support, visit

 Find the address, hours and phone number for each branch location.  

Season of Giving